A friend posted something recently in Facebook. It was a "pay it forward" message. The first five people to comment on it would receive something that my friend made, on the condition that we each do the same on our status lines. I hadn't been on Facebook for a while (meaning a few hours), so there were already several comments. I posted a comment about being number six. Then someone pointed out that one of the comments had been from the original poster, so I was in fact number five.

Oh dear.

I'm all in favour of paying forward to others. In fact, I think it's a great idea, and I'm happy to do so. But something made by me? I am perhaps the least crafty person I know. I can't knit or crochet. I can't sew (though I would like to learn). My drawing ability is marginal. I don't know how to do calligraphy. I can fix things (mmmm, power tools), but I'm not a builder. If you look around our house, you won't see anything that I've made.

I lack crafting skills. I even lack skills in The Craft. As a practitioner, I'm kind of a squib, so I won't be casting spells for anyone. You'll have to find love on your own. :)

I know how to cook. That's something I really love to do, and I do it pretty well. So depending on where my first five responders live, I might be able to create something food-ish. My only real artistic skills are writing and playing music, neither of which are particularly well suited to this kind of exercise—although I'll think about it.

Again if my responders happen to be local, I could always offer services. I have self-taught gardening and landscaping skills. I actually built a stone path once. I call it my "hobbit path," because it's somewhat irregular and now rather mossy, but it has held up for years. I made some raised beds for vegetables, which is about as basic carpentry as you can imagine. I created a rock garden.

I'm a good listener. I'm not sure if that counts in this case!

My thinking process tends to have six walls around it, if you get my meaning, if you catch my drift. I'm pretty good inside there, but outside, not so much. I wish I were. Maybe someone in comments will trigger something that I'm just not seeing at this point. I owe something good, something cool, something thoughtful to five people. I'm going to deliver one way or another, because I really want to.


Marmot said...

How about a hand-written letter? In this age of electronic communication, snail mail letters are a dying art, but they're really lovely to receive. You could even include something creative with the letter, like a found object that reminds you of the person.

Aerin said...

Might want to double check about allergies first, but generally the cooking idea is a good one.

Or if you want to cheat - I've very crafty... I'm sure we could work something out! ;)

Ellena said...

How about.......open a walnut carefully without breaking it - empty each half - write something uplifting on a tiny scroll - stuff it into half of walnut - glue walnut together and send off saying whatever you want such as 'if cracked on 6th day after receiving it it will bring you many days of good luck' bla bla bla

Véronique said...

Thank you all for ideas!

@Marmot: A hand-written letter (or note card) is something that I find appealing. I actually do write them to my mother, but not usually to anyone else.

@Caroline: As for counselling, since I'm not insured, I've pared myself back to "empathic listener." That might work.

@Amy: Yes, food that can be shipped is good. I'll keep that in mind.

@Aerin: Yah, lot of those around, and it's true I don't normally think of them, since I can eat anything. Well, anything edible.

@Ellena: Interesting idea, kind of like a fortune cookie. A fortune nut! Not sure if I'm into the good luck thing though. :)

Ellena said...

Veronique-how about putting a love message into it, have sweetie wear it around her neck on Valentine's day to be cracked in the evening?

Sorry, I'll stop now.

Véronique said...

@Ellena: No worries. :) But this will be for the first five people who post to my Facebook status, not for my sweetie (unless she's one of the five, I guess).