Sickness sucks

I know it's only a virus. Or perhaps two in a row or one that mutated (if that happens). All I know is that I have been sick for this entire month so far, just over two weeks. Normally, almost like those stupid Advil Cold and Sinus commercials, a cold doesn't stop me for long. A few days of really bad symptoms, a few more of minor irritants, and for the most part I pay little attention. But not this one. I haven't been able to go to the gym. If I had used the cross-trainer, I would have started coughing or been unable to breathe well at all. I've woken up too many days with a sinus headache the likes of which I've never had before. I have often slept poorly regardless of what I try, and I need to keep catching extra sleep when I can because I have no energy.

At least I have found something that does a better job with symptoms: Benylin All-in-1. It comes in daytime and nighttime versions and includes something to help with mucus. It hasn't cured me, of course, but it has definitely done a better job over the past few days. Now I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (and not the headlamp of an oncoming train).

It hasn't been an entirely wasted two weeks. We have our cozy little TV room. Of course, I didn't have to do much about that except be here, although I did do much of the work of moving furniture upstairs. I was able to attend an organizers meeting for Ladies Rock Camp. That effort is moving toward our planned rock camp weekend at the end of May. Sweetie and I and our drummer went to check out a rehearsal space that we think is going to work well for us. Sweetie and I had a lovely "pre-Valentine" secret dinner (a kind of house restaurant). And last night, at Rogers Arena, we watched the Canucks win in the first shootout we had ever seen live. I wish they had won in regulation or even overtime, but I have to admit that the shootout was exciting.

Sadly, I think I have to drop belly dance. I missed the second class due to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, then missed a second class due to sickness, and then a third class because we had those Canucks tickets. It's really too bad, not only because I paid for the classes, but because this was a really good class for me—a small class of women who, like me, had done some belly dance before. We were moving along at a good pace.

And even though we scoped out a rehearsal space, Lisa's Hotcakes hasn't been able to practise for all that time. That feels like a setback after such a good start. But we have been accumulating material, and we should be able to meet next weekend. We'll get back on track for what we hope will be a May gig.

I also did something for myself, and perhaps something for my career. I registered for a course called Fashion Forecasting that starts in April and runs until the end of June. It's a course in the Fashion Marketing certificate program, which is a part-time program. It's also a toe in the water. It's not like any college course I've taken before, and I will get to find out whether I like this kind of thing enough to keep going and get a certificate.

Meanwhile, it's been mid-year (fiscal year) review time at work, and I want to ensure that I'm giving them my best for as long as they keep me on.


Anji said...

I hope that you're continuing to recover. We had nasty colds before Christmas that pretended to finish and then started again.

The course sounds really interesting.

Véronique said...


That's how this cold has gone, but hopefully it will be giving up the ghost soon.