The soggy bottom girls

Sorry. Caught a bit of O Brother, Where Art Thou? a couple of nights ago. :)

OK, I'll start now.

This is Vancouver. It rains. We all know that. But I'm pretty sure this spring has been wetter than usual. It has most certainly been cooler than usual. The 30-year average high temperature for this time of year is 15°C. Today, we'll be lucky if we hit 12. It's been that way all spring.

This puts a serious crimp in spring fashion. The weather just isn't allowing anyone to wear the clothes that are out for spring! I see young women doing their best to ignore the cold and damp, but you can't go too far with that. Resistance is futile. Unless you run really hot or are determined to pretend you're not cold, you still need long sleeves, fuzzy tights, boots, and all the things that you thought would have been put away by now.

Sometimes I understand why Vancouver is such a fashion disaster—well, except for yogawear everywhere, which is just inappropriate. Our weather just does not encourage creative fashion choices! We have little excuse during the wet season (i.e., winter). We can always be stylish with warm outerwear, raincoats, tights, and boots. And I like that time of year. But when the wet season impinges on the short dry season, it's discouraging. Too much cool and damp is bad for the soul. Seriously, coming back from a week of wearing summer dresses in New Orleans (despite the two days of heavy rain) was depressing! This past weekend, I got lucky and was in San Francisco for the best two days of spring they've had. And again, coming home to below normal temperatures and persistent rain puts me into a funk.

I totally want to wear my light purple Mavi skinny stretch jeans! But they just don't go with a complete lack of sun. Neither would they look good splashed with rain and mud, and they are definitely wrong with boots. They pair well with neutral tops, but the weather isn't working for those either. Sad sad sad.

Sandals? Not unless you want to ruin them whilst freezing your toes. Dresses with bare legs? You're kidding, right? Light blazers? Too bloody cold!

Supposedly the temperature is supposed to ease its way up toward normal. If that happens, maybe the rain won't seem so bad. But a nicer spring and a real summer would certainly be welcome!

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? The light of hope, I guess.


Holly said...

Um those jeans sound uh-MAYzing! Hope you get a chance to wear 'em soon!

Véronique said...

I have! I love how they look and feel.