Bluebird of distraction

I might have made a huge mistake. I rejoined Twitter.

It's been several years since I've had an account. Back then, everything was primitive, and the whale of system overload appeared more often than we wished. I can't remember how many tweets I had posted when I decided to pull the plug.

Ever since Lisa's Hotcakes (@LisasHotcakes), however, I knew I would have to take the bluebird plunge again. More than the Hotcakes, I blame my friend Chef Chris (@chefcdb) in New Orleans. I wrote to find out how he was doing during Isaac, and after assuring me that the worst that happened to him were power outages, he told me that he had opened a Twitter account. That led to me going back on again (@v_diz) and then creating the Lisa's Hotcakes account as well.

I know it's wrong, but I'm weak.

The "user experience" is so much better now. Retweets are built in, although I notice many people still doing those the old-fashioned way. The overall layout is rather nice, and everything you need is pretty easy to find (except for "find people to follow").

One thing that surprised me was how much I missed that format. Being afflicted with a certain level of ADHD, I have always found blogging to be much more suited to my writing style than any longer format. I can't even read long articles online! I also write songs, which are even shorter. And now I'm back to 140 or fewer characters! And I find it's a pleasing way to mouth off in a way that I don't do on Facebook or here.

So far, I've posted a few feminist tweets, a bunch of music tweets, a few on the Quebec election (#QC2012), some comments about Michelle Obama's wonderful speech at the Democratic National Convention (#DNC2012), and some fashion bits. I'm finding personal friends to follow as well as news outlets of various kinds and a few people I wouldn't mind knowing, like Neko Case (@NekoCase). I've retweeted a few things I found interesting. I'm hash tagging up a storm. I'm back in the swing of things on two accounts.

Time sink? Oh yeah. It's bad. Tweeting is so quick that it feels like no time at all. But like pennies, those minutes add up. Still, I'm hoping it will be good for the band and interesting for me. We shall see how it goes this time.

If you follow me or the band or both, I'll do my best to be entertaining.


Andréa Hector-Brown said...

god, i'm such a bad tweeter. i just use it for my blog ... but i really should post random thoughts like everyone else!

i mean really!

random thoughts are fun.

instead, i put them in a page on a blog hehehe

Véronique said...

This is true. :)

Some people seem to do nothing but retweet. That's fine with me if they retweet stuff I'm interested in, but often I would rather they posted their own thoughts.