...does not make a blog audience's heart grow fonder.

I have been remiss! I haven't posted anything since the post about the Amanda Palmer experience. May I offer a couple of excuses?

One is that my high school class reunion was the weekend before last. Not saying which reunion it was, only that it ended with a zero. I had to fly all the way across the country and the border and then drive for a couple of hours to get there. I had been somewhat apprehensive. High school wasn't always the best time for me, and previous reunions had had their ups and downs. But this one was wonderful! Truly. And I reconnected with a woman who had always been a friend but now is among my besties. You know how much I value friendship.

Even the packed flights were OK. On one, I finished a song. On another, I read all of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. On the way back, I reread part of Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth. And got some much-needed sleep (sort of, it being airplane sleep).

Then this past weekend, I was in a recording studio with my band, Lisa's Hotcakes. Indeed, many days leading up to that weekend were taken up with rehearsals of various kinds and other related tasks (such as buying and changing guitar strings). We spent about 22 hours in the studio setting up, recording all the parts, and then mixing and mastering. That's hardly any time, but it's all we could afford right now. Fortunately, we were well prepared, and we were working with a great engineer, so we made very good use of the limited time. The result is a download-only EP called Love Hz, available for free (unless you want to pay) on our Bandcamp site. The initial response has been very encouraging!

Oh, and sprinkled in there were my Merchandising Fashion course and an assignment I finished at the last minute, since I am a horrible procrastinator. As well, I did a bit of volunteer work for Eco Fashion Week, and that's what is going to take up much of the rest of this week.

So I'll have to get back to you when I have time. I really want to. My brain thinks of all kinds of things to write about even when I don't have the time to sit down and compose a blog post.

One thing I've been thinking about came out of a post by someone whose blog I started following only recently. In her blog A Girl's Imagination, Lauren was thinking that her blog might lack focus. Well, I know mine does. It's a blog about whatever I like. Some people read those, especially if the writer is really good and/or funny, but it seems to me that it's usually a better idea to do a blog about one topic. So...should I split this blog into one about music, another about fashion (maybe restart my Tumblr blog, long wave, or continue one I did for my course assignment), perhaps one about politics and feminism? Or should I continue to be unfocused and call it being eclectic?

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