Song-a-day? Not quite

At the start of this current lunar cycle last week, I said I would do something. I wanted to write a song a day. Sit down each day, write, come up with something, and finish it. I didn't think every song would be good. In fact, I figured most might not be. But I saw it as songwriting exercise. Keep at it and you get stronger. Or like any kind of practice. Keep at it and you get better.

So far, song-a-day has resulted in a single song and a lot of fragmentary ideas. Not exactly a success yet. The good thing is that the one song I produced is good. But that's not the point. The point was to do a songwriter "workout" every day.

First came the weekend. Sweetie and I were out Friday night. We were not out Saturday night, but it wasn't work time. And since then, I think it's a matter of my not having prioritized blocks of time. I let other stuff get in the way. I let other stuff come first. Or I was just exhausted by the time I did make time. A day job plus the usual household stuff plus a nascent career sometimes make Véronique a tired girl.

I haven't been to the gym in a few days either. I sense a pattern.

The lunar month has gotten off to a bad start. But I can't let the fact that I've written only one song and haven't been to the gym since last week affect tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. I have to make some changes in time management, something I've never been good at. But if I don't, then I'm not very serious about this project, am I. Or the getting-in-shape project. And if I'm not serious about either of those, then I might as well give up. And I'm not going to give up.

How does that saying go? If you never quit, you can't fail? Here's to never quitting! And to new days, fresh starts, and hope.


Coline said...

Yule have to try harder...

Seasons greetings C xx

Aerin Caley said...

I pretty much just start over every day. Hang in there!