Resistance should not be futile

I don't try to blog every day. I want to write only if I have something to say, and that's just not every day. But every two weeks isn't often enough!

I have been felled by a cold again. I think it's my third of the season. I don't remember having this kind of trouble in the past. My immune system has usually been quite strong, and often when my sweetie would bring home a virus I would successfully resist it. But this winter has not been good. The previous disease lasted for more than two weeks with a persistent cough. Could the viral Borg really be after me?

So far this cold feels more typical, mostly a stuffy head and no energy. I've been getting as much extra rest as I can. Nyquil has been failing me! I slept last night, but not well. I woke up several time completely stuffed up. So much for relief of symptoms. Non-drowsy cold pills have been doing a little better. They used to keep me awake, but not this time. Slept this morning. Slept more this afternoon.

Everybody has their favourite sure-fire cold remedy. Oil of oregano is a new one. Sweetie has been taking Cold FX, the efficacy of which supposedly hasn't been demonstrated, but she says it's helping her. Some people still swear by echinacea. Others are still plugging Vitamin C, even though that one was always more about faith than medicine. The old stand-bys seem to be best: rest and stay hydrated. And pretend you're not sick. As I should have rhymed in Facebook yesterday: if you feel like poo, you can still look faboo!

If my immune system is not what it used to be, I want to find out why. I eat a very healthy diet. I don't get enough exercise, but that's not unusual. I get almost enough sleep. My immune system should be as robust as it ever has been. But maybe I need to look more closely at any changes. Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I need to play drums more!


Anji said...

I've had 1 cold in 5 years and I swear it's taking Actimel every morning. If and when I get a cold I reach for Fervex but not in the day because it makes you very drousy. Hope your feeling better soon

Holly R. said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! :(

When I have a cold and am really stuffed up, I swear by Mucinex! It gets all the gunk outta there for a good 12 hours. Feel bettah soon!

Véronique said...

This was a fairly quick one--three bad days and then much better. Unfortunately, Carmen is a few days behind.