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Jessica Valenti is leaving Feministing!

I shouldn't be surprised really. She has a family now. She and her baby daughter were dealing with serious health problems, a situation that I hope has improved. And as she wrote on the site, she is now 32, and she intended Feministing to be a site through which young (20-something) feminists could express themselves.

You think that makes me feel old?

Even though I shouldn't be surprised, I still teared up a bit. I've been reading Feministing.com pretty much since I figured out what an RSS feed was. Even though it's not oriented toward women my age, it has still been a great site for news and information. Especially as the staff has grown, there is an increasing variety of material and points of view. Samhita Mukhopadhyay has been at the helm for a while now, ever since Jessica's pregnancy, so I'm sure I can count on the site continuing to be a good read.

I don't always agree with what I find there. I thought they were rightly chastised recently in several well-written comments for their reflexive dislike of evolutionary psychology. As someone wrote, feminism should not be afraid of science. But in general I am grateful to have such a great source of information from women's point of view.

Thank you, Jessica! Be well! I know we haven't heard the last from you by any means.

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