The show that never ends

There were two benefits for Girls Rock Camp Vancouver recently. I had to miss the one last Thursday, which is too bad, because there were camper bands there, including a couple of girls I worked with. I would love to have seen them play! Sweetie and I went Saturday, though, to see two bands in which a fellow Ladies Rock Camp participant plays and the non-party debut of a band that was basically formed at the last Ladies Rock Camp. They came up from Portland to start their careers with an international tour! The two shows raised almost $3,000 for the girls camp. Woot!

I made a little music of my own in between those two shows, at a party. It was the first time I had done the acoustic-guitar-and-singing thing in front of people for several years. And that hasn't been my normal mode of expression since I was in my early 20s. I have usually played electric guitar with a band. Being a singer-songwriter without a net was a little scary.

Still, it was a friendly if sober audience. I played an old song of mine, then a brand new one, then another old one, and finally a cover (someone else's) song. I could have made a couple of different choices, but overall things went well, and the reception was good. One friend told me she wants to hear more.

No plans for that yet. It's time to get back to drum practice! But who knows what opportunities might arise—or that I might create. As well, seeing our Portland friends playing on Saturday made me wish I had a band, at least one for fun. I do love to make electric guitar noise! And maybe drum noise, or even bass noise. No one ever said geezers couldn't rock out. Well, actually, some have, but they were wrong. Joan Jett is not much younger than I am!


Gwen said...

this sober soul loved your show ... you go girl ... :)

Holly said...

Awesome! I hear ya...wish I had a band too. Basically, all us Rock Camp ladies need to live in one place and form a giant musical commune...

Véronique said...


I like that idea. :)