Stylin' on Main

This post should have at least one picture, of course, but fashion articles talk about lots of items for which there is no corresponding picture in the magazine, right? So I shall attempt to paint a picture with words.

Last might, I met seven other people from a Meetup group at Public Lounge Eatery at Main and 17th. I could not have had a better time! I knew some of the people there, met others for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed sharing food and wine and conversation with them all.

This was my first time at Public Lounge. It seems like a place the cool local people go for a drink and some nibbles. The menu has groups called First Plates (starters), Second Plates (small), Third Plates (larger), and sides. They also have a menu for antipasto, charcuterie, and cheeses. Everything is à la carte but very reasonably priced.

Since I was sharing a bottle of Domaine de Chaberton Bacchus (a Riesling-style wine) with the others, I ordered pan-seared Arctic char from the Third Plates menu, with sides of risotto and the seasonal vegetable, which was asparagus. What arrived was a generous portion of char, bigger than I had expected, on a bed of risotto, with asparagus on the side. The fish was excellent, cooked just enough. The risotto exploded with flavour. And the steamed asparagus, no fancy treatment, just a bit of lemon, was delicious. It all paired very well with the Bacchus.

It was a very Main Street night. I wore a black dress with a criss-cross neckline that I bought at Two of Hearts during a Main Street shopping spree with another Meetup group. I had thought I was done shopping, but the dress was just too complimentary to pass up. I wore orchid tights for a bit of colour and my new favourite black caged sandals that I got on sale at Nine West. They're going-out-with-a-bit-of-an-edge shoes and are amazingly comfortable for a four-inch stiletto heel. It was fairly mild and springlike last evening, so I wore a poncho I'd bought on that same shopping trip at Twigg and Hottie. It's various shades of pinky-purple, made from patches of reused wool, and it went perfectly with the tights. I clipped my hair up, wore simple hoop earrings and my new Joannie Rochette heart necklace, and even managed to get my makeup just right (a smokey eye combination called "pink smoke" from Jane Iredale).

I got snaps for the poncho as soon as I walked in the door (I was a bit late—the others were already there). And as we were leaving, outside on the sidewalk saying goodbye, this nice-looking young man approached me. I thought he was going to ask for money! Instead, he said, "Excuse me. If I may impose—nice shoes, nice stockings, nice cape." It wasn't creepy. He wasn't hitting on me. Apparently, he just liked the look. I was caught off guard, and it was all I could do to say thank you—with a smile.

I really love this group, and since the group owner keeps the meetups small (which I appreciate), I feel privileged when I manage to say "yes" in time or to slide up the waiting list.

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