A farewell to limbs

I work at home. My desk is near a window that looks out onto the street. The Pacific Dogwood is now tall enough that it's part of my view. And at the corner of the lot across the street stood a large cherry tree of some kind.

I say "stood" because it was cut down today. Across the street looks so different now. Naked. Two large firs and the cherry are gone. Now my view consists of the house of my neighbours diagonally across the street.

It was a wonderful tree. I would watch it bud and leaf in the spring. It was quite lovely all summer. And in the autumn, it was one of the few trees that would turn a colour other than yellow. In a good year, it would display several different colours. I wish I had a picture of that. Instead, I only have one that I snapped quickly this morning out my window when I saw the tree guys arrive. (The eye focuses past those wires better than the camera does.)

I knew that tree was doomed and would be removed eventually. As beautiful as it was, it was also a problem. It had been planted however many years ago at the corner of a raised lot, above a retaining wall and next to a driveway that is a couple of feet lower than the main lot. The tree's roots were basically destroying the driveway. I would watch my neighbour's car bump into the driveway every time. The situation was only getting worse.

Even so, I teared up when I saw they really were going to take the cherry after the two firs. I'm tearing up as I write this. I know it was a problem, but it was so lovely to look at. And I hate when any healthy tree is cut down.


Anji said...

I can understand your grief at losing such a lovely tree to look at. Is there an interesting garden beyond?

Véronique said...

The neighbours in the lot diagonally across the street are both horticulturists and have a wonderful partly wild garden in front of their house, one that was an inspiration for my own. However, they've just planted a palm tree near where their fir tree was, which surprises me. People do have palm trees around here, but they tend to look pretty odd when it snows, which it does.

Anji said...

We have the same here! When it's cold they wrap them up to protect them. They look like ghosts.

Véronique said...


Maybe I can pretend I'm back in Hawaii. :\