Je me souviens

Remembering that thousands of people were murdered that day. Blotting out those who murdered them.

Remembering being awakened by my alarm clock at 6 o'clock to the news on CBC radio and the announcer saying that a plane had crashed into a building in New York. I don't think I heard "World Trade Center." In my groggy state, I thought someone had flown a small plane into a building.

Remembering getting an email from a colleague about what happened. Working remotely, not listening to the radio, I didn't know anything serious had happened until about 8:30. I spent the rest of the day watching TV in disbelief and shock.

Remembering worrying about friends who lived in lower Manhattan. Remembering the relief of learning they were OK.

Remembering having to fly to the United States shortly after the attacks. Remembering soldiers on duty at the airport where we changed planes and at our destination. Remembering the beginning of more stringent security.

Remembering how low-key crossing the border by car into the US used to be. Remembering how low-key crossing the border back into Canada used to be.

Remembering when some of the security measures would never have been tolerated. Remembering when civil liberties mattered to more people.

Remembering when there was less anger. Remembering when there was less fear.

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