Trending toward autumn

We're having a lovely bit of late summer right now, but of course every store (that's not still clearing out summer items) and fashion magazine or section is well into fall. I'm always sad to say goodbye to light summerwear and strappy sandals, especially since we've had so little time to wear them this year, but I think every season has its charms.

I'm not a trend-follower, but I'm always interested to see what's going on that's new (or "new" again), because sometimes I'll be reminded of a look that works for me that I wasn't thinking of.

Plum, my go-to store, is featuring several trends for fall in its blog No Guru. A pop of red? I can go for that. Most reds work well for me. The only ones I tend to avoid are dark reds, which always strike me as being "heavy" colours. How about layering jewellery? I used to make fun of Sweetie for wearing bracelets with her watch, but now I can't. She was ahead of the curve! A classic white blouse is something I can get behind, although I lean toward white pullover tops rather than button-down. Colour blocking is something the fashion mags have been trying to push for a while. For me, it works when it works and looks disastrous when it doesn't. Just have to experiment, I guess! And finally, leopard print. Srsly? Can't this just go away forever and not periodically rear its ugly, tacky head? Apparently not.

Plum also cited a trend earlier: maxi skirts. Ah, just like in the recession of the 1970s. Money and confidence go down, and hemlines follow. But I'm really OK with longer skirts. What else can you wear fitted calf boots with, except perhaps skinny jeans or leggings?

The Globe and Mail made a list of 10 trends for fall. Plaid? Well, maybe. I've seen plaid that I like, and depending on your age and/or cheekiness, a plaid skirt can look really good. But in general, I'm not a huge fan of teh tartan. Clashing patterns I can definitely do without. Even the photos they used to illustrate the trend look ugly. Polka dots seem to be a favourite trend. Maybe I should be more adventurous, eh? Just not ugly! The Globe's fall colour isn't red, but rather marigold. I'm pretty sure any bright yellow isn't for me, even now when I have a bit of a tan.

I'm skipping the rest. White collars? Graphic lines? Paillettes? Somehow I don't think these are going to influence my wardrobe. Same for Western looks and tuxedos. The retro decades seem to be the 1970s and 1940s. Plum's maxi skirt trend is certainly '70s. And touches of truly classic styles are fine with me!

Local weekly WE (Westender) was more egalitarian, with list of five trends for both men and women. I'll let men pay attention (or, more likely, not) to the men's trends. WE's lead-off trend comes from the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic. Now, much as I love the show, and even like some of the clothes, I think a straight-up Mad Men look will take you to a costume or theme party but little else. Incorporating 1960s design, on the other hand, is something I do love. The tuxedo look is also on this list. And the colour here is orange, a colour that sometimes works for me. More than bright yellow anyway! Polka dots also make an appearance on this list, as do paillettes and rich fabrics.

Finally, the Georgia Straight gives us four more style trends. I'm pretty neutral on pleated pants. Considering that my wardrobe is short of pants that aren't jeans, maybe I should see what's actually out there, pleats or no. The Straight also goes with the white blouse. Then we come to two trends that fit me well. One is the tunic dress. Dress, cute tights or leggings, belt or no belt, I'm there. And finally, I was actually ahead of the curve on ponchos. I've been wearing my pinky-purple reused wool poncho from Twigg and Hottie since last December! But I wouldn't mind another in a more neutral colour. Or a shawl. I know a Chloe Angus Design button wrap is in a closet somewhere!


Aerin said...

Pleated pants and high waisted pants - I just can't get into them. Nor any kind of animal print; although that may be due lingering vestiges of my teenage "dress to avoid attention" habit. Sadly, my wardrobe budget is so small, I'm usually just replacing basic necessities. Sigh. You and M go shopping crazy and send some vibes my way, will ya?

Véronique said...


Funny how none of the lists pushed high-waisted pants. :) Designers are always wanting us to wear them, and most people seem to ignore them. I shall probably ignore flares as well.

Anji said...

I feel sad when I see the summer colours disappearing and the autumn colours are never as bright. It looks like black and white with a dash or red here at the moment. Okay, if the red is 'tomette'. This was my favourite:

Hope it finds its way down to us everyday women.

Véronique said...


30 tendences! That's a lot. :) I like some of les looks, but you're certainly right that there's a lot of black and white. I do like that red gown. Le jaune moutarde? Not so much.

My poncho is not only a poncho; it's also le patchwork!