Forza Italia!

I'm probably going to be obsessed with Italia for a while. There are other things I want to write about, but they're going to have to wait. I just spent 11 days in Italia with Sweetie. I don't think the experience changed my entire life, but it definitely left a strong impression.

I say we visited Italia, but of course we only scratched the surface in that short time. We spent our first few days in and around Firenze in Toscana. We then drove to Levanto in Liguria on the Mediterranean coast and spent a few days there and in the Cinque Terre. Finally we drove back to Firenze and then took a train to Roma, where we spent our last couple of days.

It was like having three different vacations. We saw a lot of sights, some you might expect, some you might not. We ate some fantastic food. We did some things right and some not so right, although fortunately nothing disastrous. We learned from our experience and will do some things differently whenever we go back to Europe. But overall, it was a fantastic experience. I feel fortunate and blessed that we were able to go in the year of my 60th birthday.

More later. No-Jet-Lag seemed to work for us, but I'm still pretty disoriented, no doubt for a number of reasons.

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Stace said...

We had a tour of northern Italy for our honeymoon. Starting in Rome and travelling for a couple of weeks to Assisi, Florence, Pizza, Bologna, Siena and then back to Rome.

Like you say it wasn't so much a visit as scratching the surface - but we fell in in love with it! Since then we have been back twice and can't wait to get back again! (Though with a 6 week old child I have the idea that it may take us some time before we make the 1000 mile car journey!)

Glad you enjoyed it!