Band of sisters

The moon was full last night. I had a particularly good reason to celebrate the full moon esbat. After listening to me wail for quite a few weeks now, our band found a real singer. And not just a singer. A friend who sings really well and is really cool.

Now we have four cool people in the band instead of three!

I don't think I will blog about the band, which at this point still has not discovered its name. Blog about gigs, sure, but not about the internal dynamics. That feels like blogging about my relationship with my partner, which I pretty much don't do. Bands are fragile things, like relationships. In fact, a band is a relationship, and a polyamorous one at that. It's like four people all being married to one another. Any of you poly folks out there know how challenging that can be.

I'm hoping we're mature enough to make this work. To have fun with the band and to stay friends. In fact, to become better friends. And still to be creative. And to not be afraid to butt heads sometimes but come through it all OK.

There's nothing magic about four women forming a band rather than four men. Some of the dynamics are bound to be somewhat different, but many are the same. It's still a creative endeavour. It's still four people who won't always agree. And four people with real lives and other stuff to deal with.

But then again, maybe it really is magic. Magic isn't something that happens. It's something you make happen. I hope we can make a lot of magic together.

There's that "hope" word again!

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