Lisa's Hotcakes are served!

Lisa's Hotcakes, the band in which I play guitar and sing harmony vocals and for which I write songs, debuted at Cafe Deux Soleils last Sunday, May 6, 2012. It was a benefit for Girls Rock Camp Vancouver. We had more fun than ought to be legal!

We first met at or through Ladies Rock Camp in Portland.

People ask a lot, what does your band sound like? We sound pretty much like this:

Thanks to Don for shooting the video and to our drummer T-Bone for posting it.

We don't sound only like this because we have a variety of songs. "Don't Want You Back" is  probably our most commercial song. So here's another. It's our one song in French. Every Canadian band should have at least one song in the other official language, eh?

The title is actually "Je te vois partout," which means "I see you everywhere." Thanks to Aki Jo for this one!

We also have songs about domestic violence, sexual satisfaction, kids having a hard time in school, and cats. Yes, cats.

File under garage surf punk new wave rock and roll with a twist.


Holly said...

Awesome! And so cool that rock camp played a part. World tour! World tour!

Shihtzustaff said...

Wow. That first song was really tight. The chorus is going through my head. Gives me hope that one day I too could become a musician!