Lisa's Hotcakes has a gig tonight. I don't usually get nervous about gigs anymore, but this one has me feeling a little nervous. We played a couple of weeks ago at a show that was basically some friends' band's show. Very low key for us. We had fun. This show is ours. We booked the venue. We assembled the bill. We have promoted this thing up the wazoo. And the place we're playing is kind of a hipster club. Seriously, guys in fedoras! The club is nothing fancy, and it's not like we expect any influential people to show up, but no bands in Vancouver play out very often, so this feels pretty important.

I know that the loading in and setting up will knock out some of the butterflies. And once we get on stage, I will feel differently. I will be on! A drink beforehand won't hurt. But really, it's being on stage, with my band, in front of people, that really makes everything OK. There's nowhere else I would rather be.

A lot of people have responded with a "yes" to our Facebook event. That doesn't mean very much. I click that I'm going to things, truly intending to, but sometimes stuff comes up and I don't make it. Still, I think we should have a good crowd, despite the fact that it is likely to be pouring rain (it's that time of year).

We're hoping we'll have some people there who have not seen us yet. And for those who have been faithful followers, we're introducing two new songs. Fun for us, fun for them! We have grown as a band since going through the studio recording process. These songs reflect that. Now if only I can make time to write more, we will keep on growing and getting better.

This will be our last show until next year. We all need December off for various and sundry reasons. That also makes it a big deal for us. We want this to be the best show ever! And to paraphrase Captain Picard, we will make it so.

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