The beauty of age?

So, a career in music. A band. Writing songs. Maybe more.

At my age? Who am I trying to kid?

This is a serious concern. It's a concern for trying to work in fashion as well. I am a woman of a certain age. People my age who are in either business have been in the business for a long time. They aren't just starting out. It's an uphill climb to get into music or fashion anyway, but when you're older, the slope is even steeper.

If when you're an older woman? Jeebus.

Neil Young just turned 67. By all accounts (my record for never seeing Neil play live is sadly intact), he blew the roof off Rogers Arena. People paid big bucks to see this jowly old dude get all incendiary with a black Les Paul.

The Who are on tour. So is Sir Paul McCartney. And Bruce Springsteen. Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan are, or were, on tour. They're both in their 70s. And of course soon we'll have huge shows from the Rolling Stones.

Can you think of any female musicians in the same situation?

Admittedly, there were few women of that stature in their (my) generation. Janis died a long time ago. I don't think we'll see Grace Slick on tour. Has Joni Mitchell made any appearances recently?

Carole King will be touring next year. Diana Ross too. Those are points of hope. Both of them are well older than I am. Joan Jett, who is a little younger than I am and still going strong, will be touring. Emmylou Harris is still active, although country music has always been kinder to its aging stars than rock.

And every profession is kinder to aging men than to aging women. Especially professions in which women are held to a very different appearance standard than men are.

I am fortunate to look younger than my years. Even when someone gets my age wrong, though, they're not going to guess 20s or even 30s. Those days are behind me.

I love music. I am passionate about music. There are always obstacles. I just have to overcome them. Or die trying? You can't fail if you never quit!

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