Sweetie and I have a mobile phone plan together. She has had an iPhone for years, but I have always had what I affectionately referred to as a "dumbphone." My most recent phone was an LG with a slide-out keyboard that I found really handy for texting. It wasn't actually that dumb. I could have done all kinds of things with it. But since I was used to doing little more than calling and texting and taking occasional pictures, we didn't have a data plan to cover both phones.

Recently, however, our phones hit the three-year mark when Rogers lets you upgrade. Sweetie got an iPhone 4. Because I detest on-screen keyboards and wanted a real one, she got me a Blackberry Curve. I think it cost a penny. I now have a phone that's smarter than I am.

You might be saying that I should have gone fancier. I know there are other smartphones with physical keyboards. But since I've never had a smartphone before (at least not very smart), it feels fine to me to use the Booberry. I like the keyboard. I've gotten used to the little pad thing that lets you zoom around like you do with a touchscreen. I'm finding the apps.

So am I using my phone the same way as I used my LG? I am not. My LG usually stayed in my purse unless I was calling or texting. This baby is out when I'm home. I see when email has arrived. I am more attuned to the arrival of a text message. It used to be that when I was out, I unplugged. I'm constantly on either my work computer or this laptop, so when I left the house I would take a break from connectivity. On transit, I would read a book. Now I find that I'm checking Facebook or a hockey score or looking something up. It's a literary disaster!

Watch me end up with more apps and doing more stuff. I know I'm going to have to start at least one Twitter account soon, so no doubt I will be tweeting and reading tweets from my phone. If I figure out how to send a photo to my Tumblr, I will probably do that. I don't think I know anyone else on BBM—everyone is moving to iPhones or Androids—but I have a feeling some kind of IM will be in my near future. I'm pretty sure I saw a Gtalk app.

I have succumbed! I am now one of those people who puts the bloody thing on the table during dinner! I will not, however, interrupt a meal for the phone. I haven't fallen that far. Still, as connected as I already am, I find that I want to be even more connected. It's like a drug, isn't it.

If Research In Motion were to go belly up, which seems quite possible at this point, I don't know what would happen to the Booberry. I guess it would just run on the Rogers network, but without any further app updates. At any rate, I imagine my next phone three (or however many) years from now will be something way smarter than this one, and way smarter than I am. And my addiction will be kicked up another notch or two.

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