2013th year of the common era

Being all witchy and stuff, my year started a while ago. Samhain (October 31–November 1) to be precise. So I've already been working on how to make this sun-round better. I joined SOCAN, the group that collects royalties for any of my published songs that get played. I joined the Songwriters Association of Canada, which was the sponsor of the very useful Songposium that I went to last autumn. Through SAC gatherings, I hope to find one or more songwriting partners. I joined MusicBC. I'm not sure yet what that is going to do for me (it's a bit like a local version of SAC), but I'm sure I'll find out. I started to aim for one completed song a day (whether any good or not) and have only two (good) songs to show for it, but I will get back on the horse once all this holiday foofaraw is done.

I guess that's Resolution #1 for the regular new year: get back on the songwriting horse.

I also resolve to go to an open mic night, most likely the one on Tuesdays that's run by Oswaldo Perez, who also books the British Ex-Servicemen's Association. I can play Hotcakes songs as well as songs that Hotcakes don't do. There might be one interruption to this. My acoustic guitar is in fine shape, but not its built-in pickup. The battery came loose, and it needs to be fixed. The quarter-inch jack also needs some work because the connection was always a bit unreliable (something I should have had taken care of right after I bought it, but that's water under the bridge).

I'm hoping open mic nights might also be semi-Hotcakes nights. The last time I asked our singer G if she wanted to duet, she was more amenable than she had been earlier. More confidence! And that's good in and of itself.

Anything non-musical, you might well ask? Good question. I will soon be back on the cross-trainer horse and no longer indulging in awesome crumbly shortbread cookies. I cleaned my desk off, but this office is still a mess. It just has one less messy place. And I find that I work better when my office isn't a pigsty, because then I like being here more. I'm also taking on some new duties at work and shifting a few of my current ones to my boss. We're going to share some of the administrative tasks so he can "get his hands dirty" (digging into the code).

I can and should always be a better spouse. I can be a better listener for everyone. I can work on my time management so that I have more time for the things I really want to do, like write and play and meet with friends.

And back to musical things, I know there will be band goals. It's probably not too soon to plan for the next recording, whatever form that might take. As I keep writing, we need to work more new songs into the mix so that we can have more flexibility about putting sets together. We will continue to try to book a gig a month and to get more notice through all means at our disposal, especially social networking.

I will continue paying attention to fashion and style, and I might get back to studying fashion merchandising. We'll see how the term off feels. I might also want to go visit some people who are far away. And Sweetie and I are planning to head to New York at Passover to see her (our) uncle and aunt. It will be my first seder! I imagine there will be more new experiences in store this year. I'm much more open to them than I used to be.

One curious fact of my life: my personal sun-round matches the turn of the year. When the common era year turns to 2013, it's my personal new year as well!

Wishing for good things in 2013 for my family, friends, and the whole friggin' world!

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